Brian Molko Please (red_daydreams) wrote in terrificicons,
Brian Molko Please

Welcome to terrificicons!

Welcome to the terrificicons community. This community has been made for all your iconic needs.
All sorts of icons can be posted here EXCEPT: Nudity or anything that contains profanity. If you are seen posting inappropriate content you will be banned from the community as soon as me or another mod sees the content.
All entrys made in terrficicons must be friends-only. If you post an entry which is not friends only, you will be contacted and you will have to change it within 24 hours. If you don't you will be banned. Easy as that.
All icons will either be made by me or other members. If you take and use an icon in you LJ, please credit. The makers have worked hard and don't want people stealing there work. Thankyou. 
If you would like to promote this community please put some of these banners in your
Save them into your own image uploader. Right click/save as/save picture/then upload. 

Made by red_daydreams

Made by loverunway

Made by cecface

If you want to be a maker in terrificicons, either comment on this entry or comment in my own lj. That also occurs if you want to be an affilate! Thankyou.
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I would like to be an affilate, my icon journal is blownjello
Sure, as long as your affilate me back.
Will do! = )
ok im up for affiliation


this is the url for our affiliation banner, its 100x40 pix. -

we will affiliate back and if you have a banner (100x40) we'll post it too. cheers